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Shuck Yeah… A Celebration of Oysters!

  1. Moreton Bay Rock Oysters: These are the rock stars of the Australian oyster scene. Found clinging to the rocky reefs of Moreton Bay, just off Brisbane, these oysters are known for their plump size, firm flesh, and clean, slightly sweet flavour. A squeeze of lemon and a slurp is all it takes to appreciate their natural perfection.

  1. Sydney Rock Oysters: Journey a little further south to New South Wales, and you’ll discover the Sydney Rock Oyster. Smaller and more delicate than their Moreton Bay cousins, these oysters boast a delightful briny flavour with a hint of cucumber. Their crisp texture makes them a favourite for purists who enjoy the true taste of the sea.

  1. Coffin Bay Oysters: Venture over to Coffin Bay in South Australia, and you’ll encounter another oyster royalty. These beauties are prized for their deep cup shape, medium size, and creamy texture. Their flavour profile is more complex, offering a subtle minerality alongside a delightful ocean taste. Perfect for those who enjoy a touch more depth in their oyster experience.

Beyond the Basics

Of course, Blowfish isn’t just about the classics. We love to get creative with our oyster dishes! Ask your server about our daily specials, which might include oysters Kilpatrick (grilled with a creamy bacon sauce) or Mignonette (dressed with a simple shallot and vinegar mignonette). Feeling adventurous? We sometimes offer oysters with unique flavourings, like a tropical mango salsa or a spicy sriracha mignonette.

The Perfect Pairing

No oyster experience is complete without the perfect drink. Our knowledgeable staff can recommend wines that complement the specific oysters you choose. A crisp Sauvignon Blanc will enhance the minerality of Coffin Bays, while a dry Riesling beautifully balances the sweetness of Moreton Bays. For those who prefer bubbles, a glass of Champagne is always a delightful partner.

So, next time you find yourself at Blowfish Ocean Grill + Bar, don’t just glance over the oyster selection. Embrace the opportunity to embark on a flavour journey through the pristine waters of the Gold Coast and beyond. Let our team guide you through the world of oysters, and discover a new appreciation for this timeless seafood treasure!

A Seafood Journey Awaits

Blowfish Ocean Grill + Bar is not just a restaurant, it’s an odyssey into the vast world of seafood, an adventure that is a must do dining experience on the Gold Coast. Make an online reservation.

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