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Sourcing the Finest Seafood

The Art of Selection

We work very closely with our Seafood Suppliers who are the experts in their field, to ensure that we are only serving premium quality seafood.  Our menu changes regularly depending on what we can get from our suppliers.

At Blowfish Ocean Grill + Bar, our group executive chef and his team work closely with our Seafood suppliers daily to guarantee optimal freshness and flavour. Our seafood selection is also underpinned by a commitment to sustainability, supporting local fisheries and adhering to ethical fishing practices.

Local Bounty, Global Flair

Blowfish Ocean Grill + Bar incorporates as much Gold Coast local seafood as they can, while also celebrating and showcasing the best of Australia’s coastal treasures from Moreton Bay to Tasmania. Our chefs masterfully blend these local gems with international culinary techniques to create a symphony of flavours and a selection of seafood dishes that Gold Coast diners have not experienced before.

Building Relationships with Local Fishermen

The secret to our seafood excellence lies in the relationships we cultivate with local fishermen. Blowfish Ocean Grill + Bar takes pride in engaging directly with the Gold Coast’s fishing community and fostering partnerships to gain firsthand knowledge of the daily catch and ensuring that only the finest seafood finds their way onto our tables.

A Symphony of Freshness

Our dedication to freshness extends beyond procurement. Blowfish Ocean Grill + Bar boasts state-of-the-art storage facilities and cutting-edge preservation techniques, ensuring that the seafood’s integrity is maintained from dock to dish. This commitment to freshness is not just a promise, it is a work of meticulous care and culinary expertise that resonates in every bite.

Blowfish Ocean Grill + Bar is not merely a seafood destination; it is a testament to the artistry of seafood sourcing combined with culinary excellence.   

An Oceanic Odyssey on the Gold Coast

Blowfish Ocean Grill + Bar takes seafood dining to the next level and offers an extraordinary dining experience.  Make an online reservation. 

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